Edvard Munch's "The Scream" (VR Adaptation)

#Mastercopymonday + Art Attack!

This project is a part of two series:

  • #MastercopyMondays — copying and recreating famous pieces is a way to learn from the great masters. It's a method of taking apart, dissecting, and reconstructing the thinking and processes. 
  • Art Attack! — a collaboration with SoulPancake and VRScout, bringing inspiring new forms of art to the internet! Thanks so much for the collab!

About my process:
• Munch's original painting looks like it has a burnt sienna underpainting. I wanted to attempt recreating an under-painting effect by changing the background of my Tilt Brush scene. I think this was _incredibly_ successful as that orange pops thru different parts of the painting! 
• The framing of this piece is so recognizable. It didn't seem right to just have this painting floating in open space. Placing a frame true to the proportions of the original painting helped to contain it.
• I particularly like the effect of having the viewer start on one side of the frame, seeing the painting as they recognize it normally, and then having the ability to BREAK THRU the frame and experience it with real depth. 
• Painting in an expressionist style in VR was _REALLY_ fun!! So gestural, involving full body movements! 
• Also fun fact: I really wanted to perform this in the Scream halloween costume but no go ;)

Virtual Reality
Tilt Brush
Research & Development
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  • Attempt imitating an 'underpainting' color to adapt Munch's painting into VR, utilizing the environment background color
  • Play with forced perspective to create the scene


  • Considering how thick the figures would be if Munch painted the figures in an expressionist manner in VR
  • How far back would those angles go in forced perspective? 
  • How much of the background/underpainting to reveal

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