Living Life

Feeling Grateful

For closest of friends For not-so-closest of friends

For people who know just what to do

For friends that listen

For friends that need me to listen

For friends that call outta the blue

For people who value my advice, input, and experience

For the mere physical presence of friends

For friends that just be with me

For empathetic and compassionate friends

For teachers that understand

For teachers that have my back

For teachers that believe in me, believe in my strength, and believe in my perseverance

For people that care

For people that know that trust needs to be earned

For having safe spaces

For having safety nets

For having friends I can lean on

For friends that help carry the weight when I'm too weak to do it myself

For believers that will say prayers for me, despite my being athiest

For laughs

For hugs

For love

For being stronger than I realize

For being more courageous than I know

For my inner fire that keeps me going

For everything that has brought me here

For being lucky, despite it all

For all the people that have come and gone in my life


I'm truly grateful for existence and for being given a chance to live. We're so much smaller and inconsequential in the greater scope of it all. And to have the chance to be here, to have the capacity to FEEL all the pains and joys that come with life, to see all the beauty that the universe has to offer, that is a blessing.