"Vertigo" Film Study in VR


This project is a part of my #MastercopyMondays series — copying and recreating famous pieces is a way to learn from the great masters. It's a method of taking apart, dissecting, and reconstructing the thinking and processes. 

VR film study of Alfred Hitchcock's "Vertigo", starring Kim Novak and James Stewart. Super eerie and memorable scene. I combined a few of Hitchcock's still shots to recreate this in 3D space.

(No vertigo was induced in the painting of this scene :)

Virtual Reality
Film Study
Tilt Brush
Research & Development
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  • Similar to Photoshop-film studies, I wanted to study composition and color from one of Hitchcock's movies
  • Utilizing several camera shots to create one scene in VR


  • Painting with light for the illuminated background curtains
  • This was my first time blending and gradating color for a figure. It is very challenging to blend values+colors while also considering depth and thickness of my strokes + anatomy

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